What to write…

So I’m torn about what I want to write for on here. It’s between doing a series or flash fiction/drabbles based off promts. 

I like the idea of doing a series but am also afraid it would conflict too much with an other project I have going.

And I like the idea of just practicing with prompts but…do people get bored of reading those? 

What does everyone think? What would you like most to read. Please comment and let me know.


In which Lee introduces herself…

My college doesn’t have much in the way of writing classes.  That or I’ve just taken them all…hmm.  Either way, this semester I signed up for the special topic class—blogging.

Now, I’m not a big blogger.  I have never managed a blog aside from my Tumblr, and that is just full of shit posts, so I thought this would be an interesting experience.  Get to run a blog, have some suggestions from my peers, and be motivated to continue it even after the class ended.

Well, I’ve certainly been motivated, but not because of the positive reason I thought.

Everything is managed by the professor and her T.A. We have no control over the blog, over submitting posts—we can’t even add our own photos, the T.A. has to do that.  The whole class is more like writing a bunch of short essays and next to nothing about actual blogging.

Therefore, I decided to go ahead and start my own blog.  I’ll figure it out as I go along.

So.  Hello.  Welcome to my blog.  I promise future posts will be more focused.

I want to use this blog as a place to document events, dump some of my writing, and over all be a safe place for me to express myself.  Once I get into the swing of it, I plan to post once a day.

Hopefully a few people join me for this trip. c: